Simon Ho


Lives and works in Brussels and Switzerland

Simon Ho (Hostettler) is a swiss composer and pianist. He made master course for composition under Cristobal Halffter (Madird) and Edison Denisov (Moscow) and composition studies by Pierre Boulez at the IRCAM in Paris. He researched in Rom, Ghardaja (Algeria), Paris und New York. His compositions were premiered at the int.Musikfestwochen in Luzern, Centro para la difusion de la Musica Contemporanea in Madrid, New York, Berlin, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Cuba and Switzerland.
He has received numerous commissions for chamber orchestras, operas, children’s choirs, contemporary dance and theatre, contemporary classic ensembles & film music.

Compositions for contemporary and contemporary classic music with performances in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba and New York (selection)

„CARRARA – Cavatori & Michelangelo Buonarroti, una cantata“ for 2 pianos, sopran & bariton
„Travesias“ musica popular contemporanea: (Susanna Moncayo (Arg), vocals, Susanne Ryden (S), Victor Pellegrini (Arg) guitar, Amparo del Riego (Cuba) cello, Jaime Torres (Arg) charango, Lorenz Hasler (CH) violine, Lukas Hasler (CH) bass, Simon Ho (CH) piano
„Polly Cotton“ a suite of songs in colaboration with Shelley Hirsch (NYC)
„Espiral – Codes“ for 2 pianos, bass clarinet, violin, cello (Anthony Coleman, Michael Lytel, Jason K. Whang, Okkyung Lee) at Roulette Intermedium (New York)
„Bulat Okudshawa“ Arrangements for Cchamber orchestra, big choir and solo vocals
„Turbulencias Tonales“ for guitar, violin and cello (Victor Pellegrini (Arg), Ampara del Riego (Cuba), Lorenz Hasler (CH)
„Zwischen hüben und drüben“for chamber orchestra, big choir, solo vocals and speakers for the opening of the Zentrum Paul Klee – Switzerland

„Atmosfera afinada“ for chamber orchestra
„El rhela“ for accordion, bass, piano, drums and clarinet
„Antichambre“ for piano, 2 violins, cello and bass and 13 dancers
„Espiral“ for piano, violin, viola and cello
„Muezin“ for brass quintett & electronics
„Gegenwarten“ for violin, cello, piano, trombone and soprano vocal

Theatre music
Compositions for over 50 theatre pieces in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Holland. (Theater Berlin, Tacheles Berlin, Staatstheater Stuttgart, Theatre of the town of Berne and Lucerne, Schauspielhaus Zurich) and free groups from Europe (Peter Rinderknecht, Theatre “fuenfnachbusch”, Beatrix Buehler, Theater Marie, Liesbeth Coltof,Mark Wetter,...) which are performed all over the world

Compositions for dance
„I Salonisti“,“ the bridge“ (öff öff-production),“Compagnie Drift“ at the theatre of town of Berne and Lucerne, “Beweggrund”,” Mukashi Mukashi” and more.
Compositions for film in Switzerland and Germany. Award of the best filmmusic 2003 for the film „Bunte Traeume“ from Mano Khalil, „Ho & Überall“ by Peter Guyer and Balthasar Jucker.

Song projects
Composer and leader with performances in Europe, Mexico, Buenos Aires and New York (selection)
„Simon Ho - Susanna Moncayo - Jaime Torres Trio “
„Ho-Orchestra“ with members of „the Nits“- Holland (Henk Hofstede, Rob van Kloet, Titia van Krieken, Arwen Linnemann) , members of „Värttinä“ - Finnland (Susan Aho, Mari Kaasinen, Markku Lepistö, Johanna Virtanen) and Simon Ho – Switzerland (Shirley Grimes, Oli Hartung, Andi Hug, Monic Mathys, Vera van der Poel)Switzerland, Holland, Finnland
„Polly Cotton“in colaboration with Shelley Hirsch: a suite of songs with Steffanie Griffth, Dave Hofstra, David Simons, Tomas Ulrich, New York
„Simon Ho – Wintersongs 04 - 07“ with Shirley Grimes, Oli Hartung, Henk Hofstede, Andi Hug, Monic Mathy, Vera van der Poel
„Before sleep“ with members of „the Nits – Holland, „I Salonisti“ – Switzerland and „Simon Ho“ - Switzerland
„Another Commission“ Compositions of poems from Meret Oppenheim for a big ensemble (Hans Koch, Corin Curschellas and others)

Discographie (selection)
As a composer, arrangeur or/and musician by
„Where were you then?“ Shelley Hirsch & Simon Ho (Tzadik)
„Spoon River“ Ho-Orchestra (faze)
„Circus Monti – en bloc“
„C.O.D.E.S.“ a suite of minimal with Andi Hug
„A normal sunday“ Ho-Orchestra (CH/Holland/Finnland),(face/Muve)
„If“ Simon Ho (RecRec)
„Before sleep“ Simon Ho (RecRec)
„The bridge“ (oeff-oeff)
„Hinter deiner Schulter geht die Welt unter“ T.C. Boyle
„I Salonisti play film music“ I Salonisti (Sony classical)
„El Rhela“ Almanach of the town of Berne 2001

Art projects
“from dusk till dawn“ soundinstallation 3-chanel videoprojektion from Anina Schenker Kunstmuseum Solothurn
“atmemich” soundinstallation videoprojektion from Anina Schenker
„Staub“ a sound installation for 14 speakers with dust (Esther van der Bie, Switzerland)
„Erfolg“ with Kotscha Reist, Switzerland
„Rock star“ music for videos of Angie Eng (New York 2005) Lincoln Center Video Festival
„life still“ music for video art of Angie Eng (New York 2006)) Experimental Intermedia, New York, USA Athens Film Festival, Greece VIII International Digital Art Exhibit Havana, Cuba Video Channel, Cologne
Awards (selection)
Competition for Big Band compositions 1992
Grant for a residency in New York 2000
Music film award for best Filmmusic 2003
Competition for the opening of Zentrum Paul Klee, Switzerland 2004
Off stage grant 2012

Simon Ho
54 Av. Jean Volders
1060 Bruxelles – Belgique
+32-2 537 70 33

Steinerstrasse 20
3006 Berne – Suisse